Housing repair and warranty conditions

 The prerequisite for the provision of a warranty is the proper installation and proper use of the Product.
The warranty obligation does not arise if the Product was found to be in conflict with:
  • Natural wear;
  • Incorrect installation, or if the Product was installed by, or under the responsibility of, a person who does not qualify for professional qualifications;
  • Negligence or inadequate supervision or maintenance by the buyer;
  • Thunderstorm or any other natural phenomenon;
  • The product has been used for non-intended purposes and / or in a way;
  • The product has been repaired or corrected during the warranty period by a person who does not have the corresponding professional qualification;
  • The Buyer has independently amended or modified the Product;
  • Products and components whose serial numbers, checklists or markers have been tampered with, replaced or removed;
  • Flow creep (over-voltage or over-voltage);
Content of the warranty obligation
1. Determining the non-working Part or the Factory Effect is the responsibility of the company that has installed the Product and is the Risk of the Company;
2. The guarantee obligation covers only the non-operational Part (spare part) to be replaced by a guarantee. The costs associated with identifying the non-working Part, transporting, and replacing the Product / Part are not covered by the warranty obligation and are indemnified by the Purchaser. The Seller is not liable to the Buyer or third parties for any indirect damages. In the case of a warranty obligation, the Seller substitutes the Operating Part at his own expense for the shortest possible time;
3. The guarantees, conditions and other provisions provided for by law or otherwise shall be excluded, except for those which can not be excluded due to legal grounds;
4. In the event of any doubt that the Product has been installed in a non-compliance with the installation manual or other circumstances preventing warranty, the Seller reserves the right to exercise control over the non-functioning Product / Part. The Seller is also entitled to include an expert on his / her own choice for appropriate control.
5. In the event that it is revealed by the Seller and / or the expert that the Product is not defective or defects in the design, installation or tuning of the product to prevent the regular use of the Product, the Seller or its representative shall draw up an inspection report setting out the inspection results and Seller's prescriptions. The Buyer undertakes to pay all costs related to the Product's review to the Seller, in accordance with the Seller's invoice, and to comply with Seller's orders at his expense for the shortest possible time.
6. The seller may withdraw from the performance of the guarantee obligation, depending on the severity of the precepts made during the inspection, either temporarily, until the Seller's instructions are fulfilled by the Buyer, or permanently.
7. The guarantee is processed on the basis of the sales invoice, the serial number and the exact mark of the product, and a properly completed claim sheet.
8. The spare parts required for the repair of the malfunction (Parts of the Product) are issued on the basis of the delivery note.
9. Replaced spare part with duly filled out claim sheet must be returned to Hyvatalo
10. In case the returned spare part and the listing page do not meet the warranty conditions, the Seller issues an invoice.
11. In the case of non-returnable spare parts and / or a claim sheet, the invoice is invoiced and no later claims are made.
12. The subsequent return of the Product or the Product does not release the Buyer from the payment obligation.
13. Subject to the possibility and agreement of the Buyer, the Seller may defect, repair or repair the defective Product for a fee himself. The fees for these jobs are charged according to the current maintenance and accident report.