Adaptor kit for mixing valve
LK Armatur AB
Adaptor kit for ESBE 3-W mixing valve, LK / ESBE DN 15-50..
Valve motor kit VEXVE/ESBE
Valve motor kit VEXVE - ESBE/DANFOSS..
Ouman TMO NTC10 outdoor temperature sensor
The outdoor sensor TMO NTC10 is a sensor for Ouman controllers that measures the ambient air tempera..
Room temperature sensor TMR
The room temperature sensor TMR is a room temperature sensor. The temperature setting is based on th..
Room unit AM 10RB
Automix AM 10RB is an additional unit for Automix 10 to regulate room temperature.Automix AM 10RB is..
Valve motor AM54
Valve motor AM54 230V, 5Nm, 70 secAutomix 3-T and 4-T valveTorque 5 Nm230V..
Room Compensation Unit Ouman TMR / P
Ouman TMR / P is a handy accessory for the EH-80 heat exchanger that can further improve the tempera..
Sovite Esbe VRG/VRB Ouman EH-800 V3.00
An installation kit that allows the Ouman EH-800 heat exchanger to be fitted to Esben VRG and VRB va..
Room thermostat AM 30RB
AM 30 RB room thermostat with 15 m cable for Automix 30Q & 30DAUTOMIX 30 provides flexible &..
Room sensor TMR-SP Ouman
Position the room sensor (TMR) so that it measures the facility’s average temperature. The room sens..
AM 40 Room temperature sensor
Wireless room panel with temperature sensor.Tone panel for AM 40:Easy to installWiredAllows control ..
Room temperature unit LK SmartComfort RT cable 15 m
Room temperature unit LK SmartComfort RT with cable 15 m. We don't sell the LK Armatur products to o..
AM 40 Circuit 2 pack
Circuit 2 kit for AM 40:Easy to installAllows control of the system at room temperature or ambient a..
Control unit CB 30 for watertight Frico-ADs
Control unit for controlling the blowing speed of water-heated air curtains. Control the blow rate i..
AM 40 Room temperature set
AM 40 Room temperature setWireless room panel with temperature sensorTone panel for AM 40:Easy to in..
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