Sauna thermometer Pinetta curved wood colored pine
Moon-shaped sauna thermometer made of pine. The thermometer has a copper-colored hat. Product of the..
Pisla Earth Hygrometer gray
Stylish and modern hygrometer for the sauna. The material is painted sea alumina. Finnish design...
Sauna thermometer Harvia SAC92000
The Harvia sauna thermometer shows the temperature reliably...
Sauna thermometer Pinetta 3D Pine
Gorgeous 3D laser cut sauna meter. The lion and scale of Finland stand out from the background. The ..
Sauna thermometer Pisla Cozmic black
Stylish and modern sauna meter. The material is painted sea alumina. Finnish design...
Sauna Thermometer Teardrop 194x149x15 (25) mm soapstone
The delicate shape of the teardrop carved in soapstone and the shimmering steel in the dusk. They cr..
Sauna thermometer Sauna°C 200x98x8mm soapstone
Sauna thermometer Sauna ° C is a sauna thermometer made of soapstone. Modern, new design that combin..
Humidity and Thermometer Harvia SAS92300
From Harvia's reliable heat and humidity meter, you can easily monitor the temperature and humidity ..
Sauna thermo-and hygrometer Opa Lumo Kaar
Curved sauna and humidity meter - separate displays. Light wood as material..
Thermometer and Hygrometer Knob for sauna 190x172x15 (29) mm stainless steel / soapstone
Soapstone Carved thermometer measures the heat and humidity of a sauna. The thermometer has a scale ..
Sauna thermometer Harvia Legend
The Harvia Legend Thermometer has a strong design  that revolves around the round surface and m..
Sauna Thermometer Cariitti Fiber with Lighting
The stylish Cariitti thermometer fits seamlessly into the sauna lighting. The thermometer is made of..
Sauna Thermometer Cariitti SQ glass and RST
The square-shaped sauna thermometer is made of satinmass and sanded rst. The meter illuminates with ..
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