PH- (Hydrochloric acid 15% HCl) 5l
Observe safety regulations during handling! Read the operating instructions before use!Composition: ..
Coagulant aluminum sulfate 4kg
Observe safety regulations during handling! Read the operating instructions before use! Composition:..
Floating dispenser for chlorine tablets
Floating dispenser for slowly dissolving chlorine tablets M90 / 200 and MF200. The tablet is placed ..
Cleaner GEL
Active ingredient: 2-butoxy-ethanol 25-50%, phosphoric acid 10-25%, hydrochloric acid 2.5-10% USAGE:..
Coagulant PAC
Melpool PAC liquid flocculant for poolsActive ingredient: Cationic polyquartenary amine.USAGE: The p..
Filter sand cleaner DET
Active ingredient: Hydrochloric acid 10-20%, Isopropanol 1-10%  USAGE: Backwash the filter..
Multitablets MF200 1 kg
MELPOOL MF / 200 (MULTIPLE TABLETS 200G) Contains chlorine, coagulant and algae control agent for us..
PH+ 5kg
Melpool pH + chemical used for pool water treatment. Active substance: Sodium carbonateUSAGE: If you..
Coagulant Solufloc
Active substance: Aluminum sulphate EFFECT: Makes the turbid water clear and allows to reduce the am..
A chemical used to treat pool water above pH.Active substance: Sodium bisulphate (sodium hydrogen su..
Bromine tablets
Melpool BR / 20 tablets for use in disinfecting pool water Active ingredient: Bromochloro-5,5-dim..
Starter set for swimming pools
pH- (pH lowering)As a general rule, the pH of pool water must be maintained between 6.8 and 7.6 duri..
Shock tablets 50/20
MELPOOL 50/20 Fast dissolving chlorine tablets (20g) for disinfecting pool water. Health Board reg. ..
Calcium hypochlorite M 70 / G 45Kg
Melpool 70 / GCalcium hypochlorite granules for pool water disinfection.Active ingredient: Calcium h..
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