Multi - splitting wedge. HL 650, Scheppach
Splits wood into 6..
Multi - splitting wedge. HL 710 / HL 800 / HL 800e, Scheppach
Splits wood into 6 pcs..
Hydraulic log splitter HL 650, Scheppach
The Scheppach 6.5 -ton log splitter makes splitting logs a simple task. This robust log splitter is ..
Hydraulic vertical log splitter HL 710, Scheppach
Generates up to 7 tons of splitting pressureSplit all kind of wood, hard and softSplit woods in any ..
Log splitter HL 2500GM, Scheppach
2 845,44€
Induction motorCombination of drive shaft and electric motorGenerates up to 25 tons of splitting pre..
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