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Product Code: Nibe Split 8kW
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NIBE SPLIT ACVM 270 is a complete modern heat pump system that offers effective technical energy saving and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Climate control is safe and economical with integrated water heater, electric additional heat, circulation pump and control system in the indoor module.

Weight (kg)200
Height (mm)1850
Width (mm)600
Power (kW)8,12
Depth (mm)660
Maximum liquid temperature (°C)65

More info

-Heat pumps with inverter controlled compressors give more efficient operation, which gives greater savings.

-The heat pumps AMS 10-8 or AMS 10-12 can be connected to the indoor module ACVM 270.

-Integrated active cooling function.

-Load monitor fitted at the factory.

-Outdoor module with compact dimensions.

-Possible to connect external heat sources, for example gas boiler or solar panels.

-Speed controlled circulation pump that supplies the heat pump with suitable system flow.

-Prepared for control of two climate systems.

-Integrated coil water heater in ACVM 270.

-Low risk of freezing because no water circulates between the outdoor module and indoor module.

-The pipe for draining the condensation is available as an accessory.

Principles of function

The outdoor module NIBE AMS 10 together with the NIBE ACVM 270 creates a complete heat pump that can produce heating, hot water and cooling. The heat is retrieved from the outdoor air through an outdoor module (AMS 10), where the refrigerant, which circulates in a closed system, transfers the heat from the heat source (outdoor air) to the indoor module (ACVM 270).

Depth 660 mm
Height 1850 mm
Max. liquid temperature 65°C
Power 8,12 kW
SCOP 4,4
Weight 200 kg
Width 600 mm

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