Brand: Daikin
Product Code: Daikin Altherma3 4kw
4 133,00€

The Daikin Altherma 3, 4kW heat pump is equipped with BLUEVOLUTION technology, which uses optimally innovative compressor technology and R32 refrigerant. This is the first air-to-water heat pump that works with the new refrigerant R-32.

  • Maximum heating power 4.3 kW
  • Electric power for heating 0.85 kW
  • SCOP 4.48
  • Minimum guaranteed operating temperature: -25 degrees
  • Heated area up to 100 m2

New intuitive controller:

  • High resolution color display
  • English/finnish/estonian control unit
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Daikin's eye allows you to monitor your working status
  • Upload heating devices from USB stick or memory card
  • Convenient monitoring of energy consumption

Maximum flow temperature of 65 ° C and can be selected between different sizes of water heaters (200-500l)

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