Product Code: S6 Pure
515,90€ 768,90€

The Roborock S6 Pure is suitable for a large home, if:

Various hard floors and carpets are available

Door thresholds up to 2 cm high are crossed

Control via the smartphone, is important for you.

Manufacturer: Xiaomi Roborock

Model description: Roborock S6 Pure

Recommended up to (approx.): 300 m²

Dimensions (approx.): 48,9 x 40,3 x 15,2 cm

Weight (approx.): 4,5 kg

Time and week programming: Yes

Programming/controlling the app: Yes

Voice Service: Amazon Alexa


Remote control: Not included

Cleaning settings: vacuum and mopping

Navigation: LDS Lidar

Charging time (approx.): not specified

Rechargeable battery life (approx.): 2.5 h

Charging station: Included

Guarantee on the product: 5 years

Guarantee on the rechargeable battery: 1 year

Type of rechargeable battery: Lithium-ion (14,4 V / 5.200 mAh)

Cleaning Type: Vacuuming and mopping

Mopping: Dry and wet

Boundary: No-Go Lines (via App)

Volume (approx.): 60 dB

Special features:

• Suitable for several floors

• Powerful suction

• Smartphone app

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