Brand: Termoventiler
Product Code: Laddomat 21-60A

Laddomat 21-60 enables the boiler to quickly attain the right working temperature and then charges with a slow flow and a high and even temperature. The vitally important boundary layer* between hot and cold water is therefore optimal.

-Circulator LM6 ErP (A-energy class)

Laddomat 21-60 is designed to...

...allow the boiler to reach a high working temperature soon after fi ring. heat the cold tank water in the bottom of the boiler so that the boiler does not rust away through condensation.

…charge the tank with water at a high and even temperature and low fl ow, to ensure optimal layering in the tank.

…transfer the residual heat in the boiler to the tank after the fi re has gone out.

…in the event of electrical power failure stopping the pump, transfer the heat in the boiler to the tank through self-circulation.

Weight (kg)10
Couplins ('')1 1/4

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