Brand: Atmos
Product Code: DC40SX pelleti luugiga
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The Atmos tree gas boiler is a high quality boiler. Atmos boilers are efficient, economical, easy to clean and have small boiler dimensions. Boiler capacity is 40kW, suitable for heating up to 180m2. Automatically adjust the temperature of the heating water and boiler. Two-stage combustion and auto-regulated combustion air dosing.

The boiler body is produced as a weldment of 3-8 mm steel sheets. They comprise the fuel hopper, which is equipped at the bottom with a heatproof pipe fitting with longitudinal hole for the combustion gases and passage of gases. The burnout part of the multiple chamber furnace under the fuel hopper is equipped with ceramic pipe fittings. There is a vertical combustion gas duct in the back of the boiler body, which is equipped with a heating valve in the upper section. The upper part of the combustion gas duct is fitted with a gas exhaust outlet for connection to a chimney.

Weight (kg)368 kg
Height (mm) 1260mm
Width (mm)670mm
Depth  (mm) 970mm
Water content (L)80L,
Efficiency (%)81-90%
Power (kW)40 kw
 Diameter of the flue pipe
150 mm

Depth 970 mm
Efficiency 81-90 %
Flue pipe diameter 150 mm
Height 1260 mm
Length of wood 53 cm
Power 40 kW
Water volume 80 L
Weight 368 kg
Width 670 mm

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