Product Code: Asu timer

ASU Timer has specifically been developed for wood gasification boilers, the operation of which is being run by mechanical flue gas thermostat.

ASU Timer timer installation is simple and fast. The timer can be installed on new or running boilers. When using, turn the timer knob to "0", the self-timer goes to the original setting. Power cuts do not affect the timer operation. The life of the timer is about 20-25 years.

ASU Timer general information:

    The development of ASU Timer has taken into account the nature of the operation of the boilers
    The turning speed has a definite goal. The first 15-25 minutes are critical. The ASU Timer gives you time to rise in flue gas. Too fast rotation speed, switch off the boiler before the flue gas temperature reaches sufficiently
    Potable boilers work for at least 2 hours or more. This time, ASU Timer will return to the correct position
    If for some reason the ASU Timer does not fulfill your purpose, ASU Timer is easily removable.
ASU Timer technical information:

    Plastic parts: PC (Makrolan 2407)
    ASU Timer Number of Turnovers: min. 5000
    Operating temperature: +5 to + 65C
    Storage temperature: -25 to + 65C
    Timer torque: max. 4.5 da / Ncm
    Product weight net: 86 g
    Product weight gross: 116g

Warranty and recycling:

    All parts of ASU Timer have a 2 year warranty.
    All parts of ASU Timer are recyclable. For recycling, please contact the nearest recycling organization.

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