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Atmos assembled closure
Assembled closure (wheel, pin, puller, sleeve. nuts 2xM12). Left-hand type. Width: 0,58 kg..
Atmos big sealing of the suction fan 2in1
Atmos big sealing of the suction fan. For Atmos boilers up to DC50. Weight: 0,06 kg..
Atmos boiler bottom ceramics 320 mm
Atmos boiler bottom scrub ceramics. Suitable for Atmos boilers DC18S, DC18SP (L).Length 32mm...
Atmos boiler bottom ceramics. 500 mm
Atmos boiler bottom ceramics.Suitable for boilers: DC22S; DC25S; DC30SE; DC40SE; (DC75SE boiler 2pcs..
Atmos boiler bottom ceramics. 700 mm
Atmos boilers DC50S, DC50SE, (DC50)Length: 700 mmWeight: 16.62 kg..
Atmos boiler ceramic nozzle GS, GD, GSE, GSX
Ceramic nozzle for Atmos boilers: GS40, GSX50, DC40G, DC40GS, DC40GD, C40GSE (GD), DC50GSE, DC50GSX...
Atmos boiler ceramic triangle
Atmos boiler ceramic triangleSuitable for older Atmose models: DC22S; DC25S; DC32S;..
Atmos boiler fan ventilator 150mm
Suitable for boilers DC18S, DC22S, DC25S, DC20GS, C18S, DC25GS, DC30SE, DC18SP(L), DC25SP(L), DC18GS..
Atmos boiler fan ventilator 175mm
Suitable for boilers DC32S, DC32GS, DC40GS, DC50S, C20S, C30S, C80S, AC35S, D20P, DC32SP(L), DC40GSE..
Atmos brush flue way air-break
Atmos brush flue way air-break for boilers Atmos D20P – new version. Weight: 0.24 kg..
Atmos capacitor for radial fans 3µF
Atmos capacitor for all radial blowing fans KORA. Atmos boilers DC70,100..
Atmos capacitor of the suction fan 1µF
Atmos capacitor of the suction fan for types UCJ4C52 - 1µF. Weight: 0,06 kg..
Atmos capacitor of the suction fan 2µF
Atmos capacitor of the suction fan for types UCJ4C82 - 2μF, boilers Atmos DC75SE, DC70GCX...
Atmos Ceramic Half Moon DC70 / 80
Atmose ceramic semicircular: boilers DC70S, DC80Weight: 2.44 kg..
Atmos ceramic nozzle "block"
Atmos ceramic nozzle "block" for boilers DC50S, DC80, DC70S, DC50SEWeight: 8.9 kg..
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