12-24V portable starter-tester StartZilla 3024, Telwin
StartZilla is a 12-24V starter (booster) and tester with LiPo lithium batteries, designed for profes..
AT surface temperature thermostat Danfoss
The AT surface temperature regulator adjusts the temperature. It is installed on the pipe surface. T..
Automatic battery charger-maintainer Defender 8 (6-12V), Telwin
Suitable for charging (up to 20Ah) and maintaining the battery in fully-charged condition (up to 50A..
Automatic, waterproof battery charger T-Charge 12 6-12V, Telwin
Multifunction, battery charger and maintainer for 6/12V WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB batteries. It h..
Cast iron radiator Bohemia 450/220 without leg Viadrus
Cast iron radiators Bohemia produced in two different sizes. Radiators sections are connected with t..
Cecotec Conga 5090 - robot vacuum and mop
We recommend this robot vacuum and mop for:Large apartments and housesDifferent types of hard floors..
Chainsaw file round 4,0x200 mm ECHO, Echo
Cordless flashlight BDCCF18N, without battery / charger, Black+Decker
Lumens: 90Weight: 0,14 kgAnti slip soft grip which provides comfort when using the flashlightPivotin..
Cordless site light BSA 14,4-18 LED carcass, Metabo
Carcass without battery and charger, carton The Metabo Cordless Site Light BSA 14.4-18 LED: The wor..
Cylindrical scissors 0-42mm ROCUT 42, Rothenberger
Double-sided tape. white 19mmx1,5mx1,1mm, Folsen
120,00€ 70,80€
DRIVE 13000 Lithium multifunction jump starter 12V, Telwin
12V ultra-compact multifunction emergency portable starter for motorcycles, automobiles, campers, ..
DYNAMIC 620 START battery charger-starter, Telwin
For WET-type (lead) batteries.Functions: normal changing, fast charging (boost), starter for 12/24V ..
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